Winery Dogs: Remarkable Tails

Remarkable Tails

Meet the newest additions to our family, Tickle and Zeke. Tickle hangs our with big brother Vito, while Zeke is Ray's shadow in the vineyard.

All about Tickle

Obsession: Toys
Favorite Toy: Anything with stuffing
Pet Peeves: The vacuum
Favorite Food: Liver!
Favorite Pastime: Snuggling & getting belly rubs
Known Accomplice: Vito & Zeke
Naughtiest Deeds: Playing "catch me if you can" when it's time to go

All about Zeke

Obsession: Ray
Favorite Toy: Anything he can bury
Pet Peeves: Wyatt, the Springer Spaniel
Favorite Food: BBQ chicken & smoked fish
Favorite Pastime: Chasing rabbits in the vineyard
Known Accomplice: Kyle
Naughtiest Deeds: Destroying several phone books and taking smoked fish out of the refrigerator

All about Vito

Obsession: Bones
Favorite Toy: Tennis Ball
Pet Peeves: Being told "NO"
Favorite Food: Bananas & Popcorn
Favorite Pastime: Stealing away Tallulah's bones & generally annoying her
Known Accomplice: Tallulah
Naughtiest Deed: Eating walnut shells, which required surgery followed by a year of healing and doctor visits!

Wine Dogs USA

Taser and Tallulah were made famous in WINE DOGS USA.
Both Taser or Tallulah have left us, but will always be in our hearts.
See what else Robert M. Parker Jr has to say about us at

Our new girl, Tickle
Zeke is soaking in the rays.
The formidable Vito
The formidable Vito
Our late friend Taser and his pal Tallulah, Wine Dogs USA
Our late friends Taser and Tallulah,
Wine Dogs USA